Joseph Maxwell Dempsie.
(born 22 June 1987 in Liverpool) is an English actor, best known for playing the role of Chris Miles in the E4 television show Skins. Dempsie's earlier acting credits include the medical dramas Doctors, Peak Practice and Sweet Medicine, as well as the films One for the Road and Heartlands. He also appeared in Born and Bred and a BBC documentary-drama about Norfolk farmer, Tony Martin and as John/Pollus in the BBC TV series The Fades. He is currently playing the role of Gendry in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

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Why are you entirely absent from this season of Game of Thrones? I think one of the minor problems with the series, till now, has been that there are so many different storylines and strands being juggled - all these different groups of people that you have to check in with in every episode - that you end up only getting five minutes with each one. It’s like a colossal soap. So what they want to try to do is spend a greater chunk of time on one part of the story, and that means other characters (including Gendry in this instance) vanish for a time before they’re taken up again later. In acting parlance, he’s being ‘rested.’ But Game of Thrones is a long game, and he’ll be back. Or so I’ve been led to believe! - Joe Dempsie for Article Magazine, Spr/Sum 2014 [x]

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I love your blog so much!! I love all your edits and of course I love Joe Dempsie, he is my favorite character from skins and he is my favorite male actor!! I love your blog!!

Hi, hello!!! Thank you so much for your message, it’s always motivating to receive such appreciations. Thank you for following the blog as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

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